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IDAS NBZ Nebula Boost Filter

  • by F. Londe
  • March, 22nd, 2023

The IDAS Nebula Booster 48mm Filter is designed to enhance the contrast of Ha (Hydrogen Alpha) and OIII (Oxygen II) emission nebula while accommodating the filter spectral shift when used with modern fast optical systems. This dual-band filter is ideal for one-shot color cameras, as well as mono-color astronomical cameras. Proprietary IDAS Sophisticated Optics Technology Ion-Gun Assist Deposition (IGAD) coating technology is used by IDAS for these astronomical filters. This results in superior filters with robust coatings and long-term spectral stability, even with temperature and humidity extremes. This stability is especially important for bandpass curves with steep slopes (narrowband filters). This technology helps to virtually eliminate bandpass shifts from the +/-3 or 4nm typical of standard coating filters. The Multi Bandpass Technology (MBT) is used in conjunction with the IGAD hard-coating technology to further elevate IDAS filters. This technology allows IDAS to create very complicated filters for astronomical use. Ultra Fine Polish (UFP) Finishing really sets IDAS filters apart from the competition. They are polished twice as long as is typical for optical glass. In combination with the use of high-quality substrate glass, no scratches, bubbles, or other defects are visible even under microscopic inspection.

Features include:

  • Ideal flat-top bandpass
  • Excellent in-band transmission
  • Off-center bandpass accommodates off-axis rays for fast optics (up to F2)
  • Steep bandpass edges minimize internal reflections
  • No IR blocker required
  • 2.5mm thickness (parfocal with other IDAS LPS filters)
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality
  • "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
    Albert Einstein