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  • by F. Londe
  • March, 22nd, 2023

ASIAIR The Basics What is the ASIAir Plus? The ASIAir Plus is the third generation product from ZWO. The goal is to replace the laptop or mini-pc at the telescope, and eliminate the need for additional software (N.I.N.A), USB hubs, power supplies, and wifi router. It can be used for DSO Imaging, and Planetary Imaging, and is a fully automated solution so that you can image through the night. It’s relatively easy to operate. ZWO touts the ease of use as a primary function of the unit. Well, Astrophotography isn’t easy, and anything that can improve the experience is a win-win for everybody. The best part is you control it from any cell phone or tablet (Android or iOS) that you already have by downloading the app. What can the ASIAir Plus do? Deep space image sequencing for single targets and multi targets (in plan mode) Live stacking (with calibration frames) Planetary imaging with high speed video capture Deeps space sequencing can handle both color cameras and mono filter sequencing Automatic focus with a focus motor, or Bhatinov mask assisted focus Guiding with automatic guiding calibration Polar alignment function Power management Dew heater control DSLR shutter release capability USB Hub Automatic shutdown at the end of a sequence Target lookup featuring multiple catalogs; Messier, IC, NGC, and Sharpless.

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